Digital Justice in the Pandemic – Webinar

Michael Cumming-Bruce

Michael Cumming-Bruce

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Digital Justice Webinar - 24.06.20

A panel of European legal experts recently spoke at a CYK webinar on Digital Justice in the Era of Covid-19 covering five major European jurisdictions. You can now watch the video of the whole event and of the individual country sections below.

The speakers were

The webinar covered:

  • A review of how the courts in each of these five jurisdictions has sought to deliver justice using technology during the pandemic;
  • How the wider legal industry is using technology to serve its clients in new ways to respect the quarantine and social distancing; and
  • A forward-looking assessment of the technological, legal and social implications of the disruption in each country

Digital Justice Webinar - 24.06.20

Introduced by Mike Cumming-Bruce of CYK

Digital Justice Webinar - 24.06.20 - A View from Germany

Sebastian Schwarz of METIS from Germany

Digital Justice Webinar - 24.06.20 - A View from Spain

Paloma Carrasco Garcia of B Cremades y Asociados from Spain

Digital Justice Webinar - 24.06.20 - A View from Switzerland

Dr Nino Sievi of Lex Futura from Switzerland

Digital Justice Webinar - 24.06.20 - A View from Italy

Chiara Caliandro of De Berti Jacchia Franchini Forlani from Italy

Digital Justice Webinar - 24.06.20 - A View from the UK

Sam Roberts of CYK

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